A person using a walker.

Escape Planning For People With Disabilities

Disabilities can take many different forms. Prevention1st Foundation created 'Plan and practice a home fire drill' especially to help people with developmental disabilities learn about escape planning and practice and smoke alarms.

Most of us will experience a disability at some time in our lives, whether we come home from the emergency room on crutches or our hearing becomes less sharp with age.

Things to consider when planning your escape:

  • Can everyone in your household hear the smoke alarm if it sounds? Consider a type of smoke alarm that uses a low frequency, flashing light or vibration.
  • Can everyone get out quickly? Consider a bedroom on the ground floor to make escape easier.
  • If someone in your household cannot escape alone, choose a household member to assist them. Have an alternate person or plan in case the designated helper is away at the time of the emergency.
  • Contact your local fire department to review emergency escape procedures and discuss any challenges.
  • For more detailed information see Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities at www.redcross.org.