Help Mikey Make It Out

About this Game

"Help Mikey Make It Out" is an interactive game that children and their parents or teachers can use together to learn what to do when the smoke alarm sounds. By helping Mikey escape, they learn to check the door before going out into the hallway, not to go out if there is smoke in the hallway, to crawl low under smoke, get out and stay out, and go to a family meeting place.

The game can be played over and over, because just like in real life, different things may happen! The door may be cool or hot, there may or may not be smoke in the hallway.

On this website you’ll find lots of resources to help you plan your own escape route, learn why you should have one and practice it, and what you should know about smoke alarms.

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"This is such a great tool to help our high risk families learn about fire safety." Safe Kids Upstate, Greenville SC

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