Home Fire Drill Poster Exhibition 2008


As we change our clocks this weekend, colorful posters displayed throughout Monroe County will remind us to also check our smoke alarms and our fire escape plan.

More than 70 posters were created for Prevention 1st Foundationís Home Fire Drill initiative (www.homefiredrill.org) by the Rochester City School District, Canal View Elementary School in Spencerport, Odyssey Academy in Greece, and the Arc of Monroe County. They are visual reminders to check smoke alarms, plan an escape route and meeting place, and practice a home fire drill.

Posters will displayed through next Sunday, March 9 at City Hall, Rochester Museum & Science Center, Strasenburgh Planetarium, Greecetowne Mall and Marketplace Mall, and through March 17 at the downtown library.

Prevention 1st Foundation is sponsoring the poster exhibition, in partnership with the Office of the Mayor and the County Executive, to encourage the entire community to plan and practice a home fire drill.

Prevention 1st Foundationís Home Fire Drill initiative adds a focus on home fire drills to the biannual reminder to check smoke alarm batteries when daylight savings time changes: Change Your Clocks, Check Your Batteries, Practice Your Home Fire Drill.

"Many smoke alarms now have 10-year batteries or are hard-wired, so people tend to ignore the original "change your batteries" message," said Jack I. Dinaburg, President. ďOur new message reminds them they should check even 10-year batteries to make sure they are still working.

The initiative was tied to the biannual Daylight Savings Time change because both the Centers for Disease Control and the National Fire Protection Association recommend practicing a home fire drill at least twice a year.

Poster artists will receive a certificate of appreciation signed by the Mayor, the Country Executive, and the President of Prevention 1st Foundation.